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Certain academic forms can now be processed online through Cflow. When you click on a form below, you will be directed to that form on Cflow’s website. Before you access the form, you maybe required to enter your FHU email address where you will receive a one-time password (OTP).

Incoming Student Declaration of Major – Declare your intended major(s) and minor(s) before you arrive at FHU.

Academic Petition – In consultation with the faculty advisor or major department chair, submit a petition regarding an academic issue (e.g. medical withdrawal, request a schedule change after the drop/add deadline, enroll in excessive hours).

Course Substitution Form – Obtain approval for a course (taken either at FHU or another institution) to substitute for a different course that is required for your graduation.

Course Withdrawal Form – Submit this form to request withdrawal from a class after the Drop/Add period ends. Consult the university catalog for deadline information.

Declaration of Major/Minor – Officially change or declare a major and/or minor while at FHU.

Enrollment Certification – Students may fill out this form to prove enrollment to various organizations for scholarship applications, loan deferment forms, insurance companies, etc.

FERPA Privacy Release – Your non-directory information will not be released without your consent. In order for FHU to discuss your bill, academic progress, or grades with anyone else, including members of your immediate family, you must provide permission in this form.

Graduate Studies Change of Program or Advisor – Current graduate students who wish to change from one graduate degree program to a new program may submit this form to initiate the request.

Graduation Certification – Students may request graduation certification documents to show intent to complete graduation requirements or show that requirements have already been met while waiting on official diplomas to be received.

Intent to Graduate – At the beginning of the semester, students who anticipate graduating should complete this form prior to the graduation application deadline. This form will be used to notify the student’s advisor(s) and the registrar of their intent to complete degree requirements.

IRB Request for Research Review – Submit a request to the Freed-Hardeman University IRB for research approval. It is recommended that you prepare your responses in a separate document and copy/paste them into the form in case you experience problems when submitting your form.

IRB Amendment, Extension, Appeal, or Notice of Completion – Request approval to make an amendment or continue an approved IRB project, appeal an IRB decision about a requested project, or notify the IRB of your project completion.

IRB Not Human Subjects Research – Request a determination from the Freed-Hardeman University IRB whether or not your research activities are Human Subjects Research, as defined by federal regulations.

Letter of Good Standing – Students may request a letter of good standing to send to other colleges/universities to receive permission to take courses while enrolled at FHU.

Transient Course Request – Request approval to take a course at another institution to satisfy a requirement for your degree at FHU.

Transient Letter – Students may request a transient letter to send to other colleges/universities to receive permission to take courses while enrolled at FHU.