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Spiritual Life

Faith and Learning

At Freed-Hardeman University, you will find a spiritual life that permeates every aspect of campus. Our students take a Bible class each semester, but you’ll find prayer and scripture incorporated into many classes and activities. Each day all students, faculty and staff gather together for Chapel where they spend a few minutes in worship, in bringing prayer requests before one another, and in strengthening the entire campus community. At night, students participate in various devotionals, singings or Bible studies around campus and in the dorm.

Freed-Hardeman University not only works to prepare students for professional life, but also to help prepare our students for eternity.


Devotionals offer students additional ways to develop and improve their personal spiritual lives. Campus-wide devotionals are always led and organized by the student body, and are both relevant and challenging to the students as a whole. Unlike chapel, attendance at devotionals is not required, but is greatly encouraged.

There are several types of devotionals. Campus-Wide devotionals presented are by:

  • University Program Council (UPC)
  • Student Government Association
  • Dorm devotionals by dorm or groups inside each dorm
  • Clayton Chapel Singing and Racquetball Singing

If you are interested in participating in a devotional, contact the student leader of that organization or person in charge of leading the devotional.

students praying in large group while sitting on the floor

Student Bible Lectureship

Student lectureships are a series of devotionals for the students on FHU’s campus. They are typically held the Monday through Wednesday of mid-terms with a devotional during chapel and a devotional at night.

These Lectureships are completely student run. FHU students decide who speaks and what the subjects will be. Being fully student-driven makes the student lectureships special because students can easily relate.

Bible Teaching Program

All students at Freed-Hardeman are required to take one Bible class each semester until graduation. Bible classes range from the basic introductions of Christianity to in-depth discussions of specific religious concerns/topics. Most of the students’ Bible classes are text based and the Bible is used as the textbook for the class. After Bible class, the students’ biblical attitudes then carry on to other classes where they engage more deeply with other professors and students. This emphasis on spirituality isn’t confined only to the Bible classes, but Biblical truths are explored in the context of all academic programs. The overall Bible curriculum integration on campus cannot be compared to the academic experience anywhere else. Studying God’s word with fellow students and professors brings a greater religious atmosphere to campus.

Freed-Hardeman University emphasizes the importance of spiritual life and encourages students to participate in community outreach and service projects that embody the principles of Christian stewardship and compassion.


The importance of spirituality and service in daily life should never be overlooked. We are commanded in scripture to continuously serve God by serving others. FHU offers a large variety of mission trips and service opportunities for students to become involved locally and globally. As an FHU student, there are many ways to be involved in ministry. There are many ways to get involved, whether it’s through:

  • mission trips
  • social club activities
  • campus service groups
  • or helping with disaster relief

Each Spring Break, members of our campus community and each of our social clubs participate in mission trips around the globe in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Honduras, and to places within the U.S. such as Wisconsin, New York, etc. If you’re looking for service opportunities in the local community, you’ll find groups of students who are involved with door-knocking campaigns, mentoring programs, and other activities. Also, with all the congregations surrounding Henderson, TN, you can find ways to be involved in their own services, their Bible classes, and with other Christians. If you’re looking for opportunities to be involved, you can contact the College of Biblical Studies, the local congregations, and on-campus groups to find different ways to serve.