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FHU has a rich history of outstanding students and alumni. It is our pleasure to recognize these individuals.

Alumni Award Winners List by Year

 1966 Outstanding Alumnus    Wayne Hammontree (’45)
 1967 Outstanding Alumnus    J.A. Thornton (’41)
 1968 Outstanding Alumnus    J.E. Williams (’26)
 1969 Outstanding Alumnus    R.E. Black (’22)
 1970 Outstanding Alumnus    Guy N. Woods (’29)
 1971 Outstanding Alumnus    W.A. Bradfield (’34)
 1972 Outstanding Alumnus    E. Claude Gardner (’44)
 Outstanding Alumnus    E.R. Harper (’23)
 Service to Business    Charlie B. Wilson (’20)
 Service to Christian Education    Sylvia Harris (’58)
 Service to Education    Adron Doran (’30)
 Service to Youth    Rubel Shelly (’66)
 Outstanding Alumnus    C.P. Roland (’13)
 Service to Business    Alan Highers (’58)
 Service to Christian Education    Carl Hutchison (’40)
 Service to Education    James O. Baird (’40)
 Service to Youth    James W. Thornton (’43)
 Outstanding Alumna    Irene Taylor (’52)
 Service to Education    L.E. Kirk (’30)
 Service to Youth    Hoyt Kirk
 Citizenship    J.A. McNutt (’31)
 Community Service    Kenneth Hoover (’58)
 Bible Teaching    Lora Laycook (’35)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Robert Witt (’30)
 Service to Christian Education    Price Hardin; Mrs. H.A. Dixon
 Service to Education    Roy J. Hearn (’44)
 Service to Youth    J.W. Archer (’42)
 Citizenship    Dorris Parkins (’52)
 Community Service    Clifford Reel (’42)
 Christian Journalism    B.C. Goodpasture
 Outstanding Alumnus    Alan Highers (’58)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Jimmy Adcox (’73)
 Service to Education    Edwin Black (’41)
 Service to Youth    Kenneth Reed (’49)
 Community Service    Glen Burse (’67)
 Director’s Award    John & Freda Hall (’62 & ’62)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Roy Deaver (’43)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Eddie Miller (’69)
 Service to Business    Woody Loden III (’48)
 Service to Education    Basil Overton (’49)
 Service to Youth    David Sain (’60)
 Community Service    Tom Holland (’51)
 Director’s Award    Tan Keng Koon (’61)
 Distinguished Faculty    Cecil Wright (’33)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Hugo McCord (’31)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    David George (’77)
 Service to Business    Paul Roland (’38)
 Service to Education    Horace Colvett (’28)
 Service to Youth    Mark Sain (’71)
 Service to Church    Guy N. Woods (’29)
 Director’s Award    George Bailey (’42)
 Distinguished Faculty    Hoyt Kirk
 Outstanding Alumnus    James O. Baird (’40)
 Outstanding Young Alumna    Rebecca Taylor (’78)
 Service to Business    James Foster (’74)
 Service to Education    Charles P. Roland (’36)
 Service to Youth    Wilburn Gene Ashe
 Service to Church    Thomas Warren
 Director’s Award    W.B. West
 Distinguished Faculty    William Woodson (’54)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Garland Elkins (’51)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Ronnie Norman (’79)
 Service to Business    Ben Holladay
 Service to Education    Francis Williams (’57)
 Service to Youth    Jerrie Barber (’65)
 Service to Church    Rex Turner, Sr.
 Director’s Award    L.O. Sanderson
 Distinguished Faculty    LaVonne Scott (’37)
 Outstanding Alumna    Rebecca Woods (’30)
 Outstanding Young Alumna    Jan Smothers (’74)
 Service to Business    G.O. Farrow
 Service to Christian Education    Joy S. McDaniel (’60)
 Service to Education    James Dawson (’50)
 Service to Youth    James Jones (’70)
 Service to Church    Lora Laycook (’35)
 Director’s Award    Charles & Louise Cox
 Distinguished Faculty    Howard Trull (’56)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Milton R. Sewell (’62)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Lowell Pugh (’78)
 Service to Business    Robert Fields (’59)
 Service to Education    Joan Williams (’43)
 Service to Youth    Allen Dixon (’52)
 Service to Church    V.P. Black (’42)
 Director’s Award    Henry & Ruby Dodd
 Distinguished Faculty    Gene Hibbett (’51)
 Outstanding Alumnus    John R. Hall (’62)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Paul Pinckley (’78)
 Service to Business    John W. Brown (’55)
 Service to Christian Education    Kerry & Peggy Hensley McClain (’57)
 Service to Education    Jimmy Faulkner  (’34)
 Service to Youth    Harold & Rachel Duncan (’68)
 Service to Church    Roy J. Hearn (’44)
 Director’s Award    Elsie Roney
 Distinguished Faculty    Anthony Adcock
 Outstanding Alumna    Lurla B. Keith (’34)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Ralph Gilmore (’71)
 Service to Business    Hollis Morrison (’76)
 Service to Education    Luther E. Brad?eld (’34)
 Service to Youth    Hoyt Kirk
 Service to Church    Basil Overton (’49)
 Director’s Award    E. Claude Gardner (’44)
 Distinguished Faculty    Clyde M. Woods (’57)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Neale T. Pryor (’54)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Anthony Katras (’74)
 Service to Business    A. Keith McDonald (’71)
 Service to Education    Hall C. Roland (’53)
 Service to Youth    Billy R. Smith (’70)
 Service to Church    J.A. Thornton (’41)
 Director’s Award    Harold Hazelip (’48)
 Distinguished Faculty    Bobby R. Bush
 Outstanding Alumna    Shirley Brewer Curry (’56)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Robert C. Veil, Jr. (’81)
 Service to Business    Barry Tapp (’67)
 Service to Christian Education    William F. Ruhl
 Service to Education    Janice Harder (’69)
 Service to Youth    David W. Powell (’81)
 Service to Church    Wayne Kilpatrick (’61)
 Service to Profession    Garry A. Maness (’66)
 Director’s Award    John R. Hall (’62)
 Distinguished Faculty    Gerald Fulkerson (’61)
 Outstanding Alumni    Jess (’49) & Hagan Young (’59)  Wilcoxson
 Outstanding Young Alumna    Lynette Henderson (’81)
 Service to Business    Austin Boyd (’35)
 Service to Education    Douglas Cloud (’56)
 Service to Youth    David Newberry (’78)
 Service to Church    Martel Pace (’54)
 Service to Profession    James Youmans (’59)
 Director’s Award    Edna McBride
 Distinguished Faculty    Winford Clairborne (’46)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Jerry W. Smelser (’57)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Seth Chandler (’84)
 Service to Business    Steve Simon (’77)
 Service to Education    Betty Jo Douglas (’59)
 Service to Youth    Tony Woodall (’83)
 Service to Church    Earl I. West (’40)
 Service to Profession    James Canter (’57)
 Distinguished Faculty    Terry Thacker
 Outstanding Alumnus    John W. Brown (’55)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Paul Rogers (’88)
 Service to Business    Karen Davis (’65)
 Service to Education    Wayne Qualls (’65)
 Service to Youth    Kyle Wadley (’83)
 Service to Church    Brad Brumley (’36)
 Service to Profession    James E. Carter (’58)
 Director’s Award    Milton R. Sewell (’62)
 Distinguished Faculty    Earl Edwards
 Outstanding Alumnus    Paul T. Johnson (’78)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Red McCaskill (’83)
 Service to Education    Don Gardner (’46)
 Service to Youth    Danny Lamb (’70)
 Service to Church    Brad Brumley (’36)
 Service to Profession    Jan Elkins (’78)
 Distinguished Faculty    Linda Overton Helm Wright (’70)
 Founder’s Award    J. Walker Whittle (’57)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Billy J. Ringold (’53)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Steve Lusk (’81)
 Service to Business    Nor Hagy (’76)
 Service to Education    Rosemary Kopel Brown (’55)
 Service to Youth    Jeff Ingram (’88)
 Service to Church    Eddie Miller (’69)
 Distinguished Faculty    Robert Landon
 Outstanding Alumnus    Howard Trull (’56)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Kenneth Chadwell (’88)
 Service to Business    Tony Hysmith (’77)
 Service to Education    Lawrence Williams (’48)
 Service to Church    John Dale (’66)
 Service to Profession    Larry Bloomingburg (’71)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Brett Pharr (’82)
 Service to Business    Bob Moore (’59)
 Service to Education    James Williams (’30)
 Service to Youth    Joe Godley (’76)
 Service to Church    L.E. Cranford (’48)
 Service to Profession    Dale Jones (’76)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Wendell Bloomingburg (’47)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Terry L. Bunnell (’84)
 Service to Business    Mary Alice Jones Trotter (’76)
 Service to Education    June H. Breninger (’61)
 Service to Youth    David Baker (’88)
 Service to Church    Kevin Moore (’83)
 Outstanding Alumni    James (’42) & Altha Dodd (’39) Rogers
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Craig Bennett (’87)
 Service to Education    Rosemary Whittle McKnight (’76)
 Service to Youth    John Grinnell (’79)
 Service to Church    Freda Cromwell Field (’40)
 Service to Profession    Brad Osborne (’77)
 Outstanding Alumni    Dowell (’62) & Della Maltby (’83) Flatt
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    John T. Law (’89)
 Service to Education    Becky Rumbley Reeves (’76)
 Service to Youth    Janis Plunk McCall (’58)
 Service to Community    Garvin Claiborne (’64)
 Service to Church    F.H. & Becky Beard Gates (’77)
 Service to Profession    Steve Johnson (’69)
 Director’s Award    Woody & Patsy Loden, III (’48)
 Honorary Alumnus    Mark Wills
 Outstanding Alumna    Janie Jackson Brandon (’56)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Barry Fortner (’91)
 Service to Education    B.J. Naylor (’54)
 Service to Youth    Danny Sorrell (’86)
 Service to Community    Dwayne B. Kennedy (’88)
 Service to Church    Daniel Hamm (’70)
 Service to Profession    Wayne Scott (’87)
 Director’s Award    Charlie Arnett (’40)
 Director’s Award    Donald F. Flatt (’56)
 Outstanding Alumna    Pam Lundy Bucy (’47)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    James Thomas (’96)
 Service to Education    Clint Parnell (’61)
 Service to Youth    Kip Long (’92)
 Service to Community    Jimmy England (’83)
 Service to Church    Steven Guy (’73)
 Service to Profession    Lynn Patterson (’76)
 Honorary Alumnus    Douglas T. Bates, III
 Outstanding Alumnus    Eddie Thompson (’73)
 Outstanding Young Alumni    Steve (’84) & Peggy  Adams (’85) Weaver
 Service to Education    Stan & Betty Privett Black (’65)
 Service to Youth    Jerry Elder (’83)
 Service to Community    Frank McMeen (’79)
 Service to Church    Flavil (’38) & Mary Hardin (’39) Nichols
 Service to Profession    Algene Steele (’81)
 Outstanding Alumnus    John J. DeBerry, Jr. (’73)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    David Stofel (’90)
 Service to Education    Judy Forsythe Turner (’63)
 Service to Youth    Len O’Bryant (’73)
 Service to Community    Adrienne Sanders Law (’88)
 Service to Church    E.C. Meadows (’60)
 Service to Profession    Jeff Skelton (’90)
 Honorary Alumna    Laurel Shannon Sewell
 Outstanding Alumni    Hank (’93) & Beth Haley (’94) Staggs
 Outstanding Young Alumni    Charlie & Nancy Williams Smith (’68)
 Service to Education    Jewel Goodman War?eld (’61)
 Service to Youth    Chuck Morris (’95)
 Service to Community    Henrietta Joyner Kellum (’72)
 Service to Church    Jerry Jenkins (’56)
 Service to Profession    Kevin Sentell (’84)
 Honorary Alumnus    Rick Glass
 Outstanding Alumni    Carl & Donna Hardeman Holladay (’63)
 Outstanding Young Alumni    Curt (’96) & Shannon Chamblee (’95) Zondervan
 Service to Education    Okon Effiong Mkpong (’71)
 Service to Youth    Tim Frizzell (’80)
 Service to Community    David Johnson (’73)
 Service to Church    David Lipe (’70)
 Service to Profession    Michael (’76) & Melanie  Pogue (’76) Semore
 Outstanding Alumnus    Everett Sauter (’44)
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Dave Clouse (’87)
 Service to Education    Fran Wilcoxson Davis (’60)
 Service to Youth    Jerry (’54) & Fern Pasley (’54) Hill
 Service to Community    James Hudley (’70)
 Service to Church    Hardeman (’47) & Virginia  Montgomery (’46) Nichols
 Service to Profession    Vicki Johnson (’76)
 Director’s Award    Readus Ray Tatum (’67)
 Director’s Award    Dianne O’Dell (’69)
 Outstanding Alumnus    Bill Morgan (’48)
 Outstanding Young Alumni    Kyle (’98) & Bethany Glass (’99) Butt
 Service to Education    Marie Cassels Johnson (’69)
 Service to Youth    Terry Smith (’85)
 Service to Community    Gene Gilliland (’73)
 Service to Church    Andy & Susan Williams Baker (’70)
 Service to Profession    Chad & Ramonda Gunter Scott (’95)
 Director’s Award    Chris (’99) & Vickie Dial (’98) Fry
 Director’s Award    Ethan & Ashley Oldham Hardin (’01)
 Director’s Award    Vanessa Heady (’96)
 Director’s Award    Enoch Rinks (’99)
 Service to Profession    Henrietta Joyner Kellum (’72)
 Service to Community    Donna McCoy Steele (’81)
 Service to Youth    Tandi Keeling (’00)
 Service to Education    John Thomas (’98)
 Service to Church    Billy Smith (’70)
 Outstanding Young Alumni    Jenny Towns (’00)
 Outstanding Alumna    Dawn Garrett Bramblett
 Service to Youth    Peggy Mustain Adkins
 Service to Community    Dr. Mark S. Wright
 Service to Church    Larry and Carol Waymire
 Service to Profession    Chris Morris
 Outstanding Young Alumna    Tandi Keeling
 Outstanding Alumnus    Glann M. Lee
 Service to Church    Perry Cotham
 Service to Profession    John Dougan
 Service to Youth    David Stofel
 Service to Community    Adam Richardson
 Outstanding Young Alumnus    Craig Evans
 Alumni of the Year    Keith & Sandra Parker
 Lifetime Achievement Award    Doug Davidson
 Service to Church    Richard Bentley
 Service to Youth    Bobby Rawson
 Service to Community    Cary Crews
 Service to Profession    Molly Plyler
 Outstanding Alumnus    Mark Castleberry
 Dodd Lifetime Achievement Award    J.D. Thomas
 Service to Community    Dawn Bramblett
 Service to Youth    Joe Wells
 Service to Profession    Dr. Mike Cravens
 Service to Church    Dr. Clyde Woods
 Alumnus of the Year    Clifford Reel
 Dodd Lifetime Achievement Award    Dr. Gerald Fulkerson
 Service to Church    Mark Blackwelder
 Service to Profession    Amber Milner
 Service to Youth    John Thomas
 Service to Community    Brian Stephens
 Outstanding Alumna    Karla Combs
 Dodd Lifetime Achievement Award    Mark Crawford
 Service to Youth    Alan Ragan
 Service to Community    Eric Jones
 Service to Church    Glen & Kathy Henton
 Service to Profession    John McCall
 Dodd Lifetime Achievement Award    Steve & Judy Miller
 Alumnus of the Year    Paul Coggins


Homecoming Queens and Kings (1953 – Present)

 1953 Johnnie Faye Logan 
 1954 May Nell Guinn 
 1955 Ann Tatum 
 1956 Sondra Creasy 
 1957 Lynda Flippen 
 1958 Pat Spiceland 
 1959 Bonita Deavours 
 1960 Norma Hopper 
 1961 Janice Sandlers 
 1962 Maxie Massey 
 1963 Sherril James 
 1964 Karen Davis 
 1965 Diane Underwood 
 1966 Jan Warren 
 1967 Rachel Forbis 
 1968 Susie Nicks 
 1969 Judy Wakefield 
 1970 Patti Kirk 
 1971 Judy Halloway 
 1972 Debbie Voss 
 1973 Rhonda Warpula 
 1974 Diane Jackson 
 1975 Marsha Whitman 
 1976 BeJo Herren 
 1977 Gail Polk 
 1978 Chippy Brewer 
 1979 Amy Whitman 
 1980 Terri Williams 
 1981 Kathy Gann 
 1982 Celeste Priode 
 1983 Lynne Hibbett 
 1984 Sherra Williams 
 1985 Phyllis Mills 
 1986 Michelle York 
 1987 Kristie Glass
 1988 Kelye Olsen 
 1989 Janet Howell 
 1990 Sandra Bell 
 1991 Wendy Boling 
 1992 Queen – Traci Hill 
  King – Troy Williams 
 1993 Queen – Beth Haley 
  King – Chris Dempsey
 1994 Queen – Jennifer Hays 
  King – Michael Laux 
 1995 Queen – Robin Johnson 
  King – James Thomas 
 1996 Queen – Amy Glass 
  King – Russell Smith 
 1997 Queen – Sheerah Hudley 
  King – Rob Baker 
 1998 Queen – Bethany Glass
  King – Enoch Rinks 
 1999 Queen – Mary McDaniel 
  King – Josh Wyatt
 2000 Queen – Andrea Kull 
  King – Brad Morris 
 2001 Queen – Laurie Shackelford 
  King – Jon David Schwartz 
 2002 Queen – Emily Glass 
  King – Brad Montague 
 2003 Queen – Kacey Foster 
  King – Chad Fetters 
 2004 Queen – Olivia Bradford 
  King – Kevin Turbeville 
 2005 Queen – Andrea Beck 
  King – Gavin Pinkston 
 2006 Queen – Rebecca Schwartz 
  King – Andy Frizzell 
 2007 Queen – Amy Acree 
  King – John Mark Ferguson 
 2008 Queen – Lauren Goodman 
  King – Ben Lambert 
 2009 Queen – Betsy Frizzell 
  King – Preston Pinson 
 2010 Queen – Jennifer Savage 
  King – Ray Baker 
 2011 Queen – Brittany Peppers
  King – Andrew Ashley
 2012 Queen – Taraleigh Watts
  King – Lincoln Stemler
 2013 Queen – Rachel Hoyt
  King – Weston Keen
 2014  Queen – Abby Latham
  King -Michael Yates
 2015 Queen – Bailey Burnette
  King – Austen Oakley
 2016 Queen – Cassie Sikes
  King – Noah Icenhour
 2017 Queen – Sutherland Schrader
  King – Richard Turner

Mr. and Miss FHU (1942 – Present)

 1942  Max Heflex and Evelyn Detherage 
 1943  Billy Walker and Betty Ann Miller
 1944  Paul Rotenberry and Miriam Leeper
 1945  Donald Taylor and Jean Anderson
 1946  Charles Adams and Bobbie Lee Goult
 1947  Jack Arvin and Peggy Stephenson
 1948  Ray Chester and Thelma Patterson
 1949  Paul Ayers and Barbara Munn
 1950  Huey Holland and Mable Countess
 1951  Tom Holland and Frances Hunter
 1952  Robert Taylor and Irene Crump
 1953  Winston Brackeen and Carolyn Sullenger
 1954  Myrt Cunningham and Martel Pace
 1955  Coleman Crocker and Rosemary Kopel
 1956  James Segars and Pat Hopkins
 1957  Walter Fennel and Shirley Alexander
 1958  Calvin Conn and Arlene Hogan
 1959  Dan Jenkins and Ann Rodgers
 1960  James Wyers and Donna Shipman
 1961  Terry Burton and Norma Harper
 1962  Jim Bailey and Jo Connell
 1964  Calvin Warpula and Alice Karnes
 1965  Jim Arnett and Judy Hammitt
 1966  John Dale and Marilyn Buchannan
 1967  Tommy Alexander and Toni Emmons
 1968  Buster Duncan and Deb Pierce
 1969  Jack Reece and Susan Kilday
 1970  Lindsey Warren and Kay Henry
 1971  David Jackson and Jan Allen
 1972  John Simmons and Beverly Shankle
 1974  Steve Guy and Rhonda Warpula
 1975  David Reeves and Teddy Butler
 1976  Bert Alexander and Cheryl Campbell
 1977  Tommy Holland and Deb Rogers
 1978  Lowell Pugh and Mary Rose Davidson
 1979  Ronnie Norman and Chippy Brewer
 1980  Tom Dixon and Amy Whittman
 1981  Mike Johnson and Judy Freeze
 1982  Lance Hickerson and Nona Ringold
 1983  Kyle Wadley and Celeste Priode
 1984  Greg McWhorter and Kay Renfroe
 1985  Jonathon Matthews and Sherra Williams
 1986  Danny Sorrell and Tamie DePriest
 1987  Brad Camp and Jeanna Massey
 1988  Paul Rogers and Leanne Heffington
 1989  Bryan Maynard and Anna Eubanks
 1990  Brian Birdwell and Jana Bentley
 1991  Barry Fortner and Dana Truitt
 1992  Ray Dunn and Karla Price
 1993  Chris Calendine and Kristi Winthrow
 1994  Chuck Morris and Beth Haley
 1995  Nathan Segars and Romonda Gunter
 1996  Jason Haley and Julie Brock
 1997  Eric Lyons and Sheila West
 1998  Ethan Kellum and Sheerah Hudley
 1999  Enoch Rinks and Katherine Bates Bennett
 2000  John Bates and Beth-Anne Hepler
 2001  Daniel Hope and Andrea Oldham
 2002  Tim Alsup and Laurie Love
 2003  Barton Kizer and Emily Glass
 2004  Josh Schwartz and Kasey Foster Haston
 2005  Gavin Pinkston and Laurel Balthaser
 2006  Ethan Rinks and Hanna Wood & Andrea Beck
 2007  Ashley Helton and Henry Dodd & Andy Frizzel
 2008  Amy Acree and Tristan McPherson
 2009  Emma Rinks and Garrett Meggs
 2010  Whitney Carter and David Lee
 2011  Abbe McCarroll and Carter England
 2012  Sara Tucker and Archibold Marowa
 2013  Jessica Steele and Chris Wright
 2014  Michelle Giselbach and Nkosi Mpofu
 2015  Haley Newby and Caleb Sams
 2016  Amber Pippin and Will Cobb
 2017  Jamie Leonard and Bradford Durham