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Tuition & Fees

Investing in your Future

For 150 years, Lions have made the investment in a quality Christian education at FHU. In return, they get a life-changing experience that helps them advance their careers while giving glory to God. If you’re called to this path, we can help with the initial investment that unlocks your future.
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2024-2025 Costs & Fees

Figuring out the actual cost of going to college can be complicated. Not at FHU! We’ve made pricing as simple as possible. Everything is here for you to add up. Learn more about financial aid at FHU and how much you can subtract from your out-of-pocket costs through grants, scholarships and loans.

Charge Semester Annual
Comprehensive Charge $12,810 $25,620
Room (standard room) $2,210 $4,420
Board (14 meals) $2,160 $4,320
Total $17,180 $34,360


Allied Health Comprehensive Charge

The allied health comprehensive charge is relevant to students who are admitted to the B.S.N or A.A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant programs. Its purpose is to cover various expenses like labs, simulations, testing, and clinical experiences, preventing any unexpected fees from the University throughout the program. The allied health comprehensive charge applies once a student is accepted to the program and begins the coursework required for the major, which is typically in the junior year.


2024-25 Allied Health Cost for Full-Time Undergraduate Students




Allied Health Comprehensive Charge




Fall and Spring Semesters (Online Associates of Arts)

Comprehensive charge of $350/hour


Two-Week (Short) Courses – August/December/January/May

Comprehensive charge of $645/hour


Average Cost Per Credit Hour

Most of FHU’s undergraduate programs require 126 credit hours. The comprehensive charge of most undergraduate degrees averages out to $813.33 per credit hour. Part-time students pay a per-hour amount of $815.

Students enrolled in the BSN program (126 hours) have an average per-hour cost of $910.48. Students enrolled in the PTA program (82 hours) have an average per-hour cost of $866.65.

Charge Credit Hour
Comprehensive Charge $815
Charge Credit Hour
Comprehensive Charge $665
Charge Semester Annual
Room (standard room) $2,210 $4,420
Plan Included Semester Annual
Plan A
  • 14 meals per week
  • $125 Dining Dollars
  • up to 3 meal equivalencies per week
  • 5 guest meals per semester
$2,160 $4,320
Plan B
  • 10 meals per week
  • $200 Dining Dollars
  • 5 meal equivalencies per week
  • 10 guest meals per semester
$2,160 $4,320
Plan C*
  • 80 meals per semester
  • $100 Dining Dollars
  • 5 guest meals per semester
$1,330 $2,660
Plan U
  • 19 meals per week
  • $250 Dining Dollars
  • 5 meal equivalencies per week
  • 15 guest meals per semester
$2,355 $4,710

*For Students with 90+ hours or senior nursing students doing clinicals


Even when pricing is simple, we expect you to have questions! You might find the answers you need below. If not, please feel free to reach out to our Office of Admissions if you’re a future Lion, or to Student Accounts if you’re a current student.
How many credit hours are included in the Comprehensive Charge?

The cost you see above is for unlimited hours*! For example, full-time undergraduate student tuition is $12,810 per semester no matter how many credit hours you take. In addition, the per-credit rates for part-time students and graduate students apply regardless of the number of hours taken.

What else is included in the Comprehensive Charge?

To add as much value for students as possible, starting 2024-25, we now include many services that used to be charged as separate fees—and added other services at no additional cost to students. In one comprehensive package, Lions can enjoy:

  • Unlimited hours for one comprehensive price*
  • 2 full-time licensed personal counselors
  • HDTV in the residence halls
  • Free movies in the Crews-Colbert Activity Center
  • Free tutoring
  • Free theatre productions
  • Free on-campus intercollegiate athletic events
  • Free movie rentals in the library
  • 24-hour security guard protection
  • Installation of security cameras on all residence hall entries/exits
  • Printing of up to 500 black/white sheets per semester
  • Campus intramural program
  • 2 campus fitness centers
  • New science building
  • Continued dorm renovations
  • Free on-campus parking/vehicle registration
  • All lab and course fees included
  • Security cameras to monitor the campus

*As allowed within academic policy. Some restrictions may apply.

What is NOT included in the Comprehensive Charge?

We have made the Comprehensive Charge as truly comprehensive as possible to cover the academic needs of all students. Some costs vary too much to be included, however. The following charges are separate from the Comprehensive Charge:

  • Room charges increase above the standard room rate if you select a private room or privileged housing. Learn more about student facilities.
  • Board (meals) isn’t included in the Comprehensive Charge. You’ll need to select the meal plan that’s right for you.
  • Books generally cost $300-500 per semester. This cost is also not included.
  • Travel costs to Belgium, NYC, VA Shakespeare, or other travel courses are also not included.
What are my options for making payments?

You can either make payments in full for each semester in advance by the due dates below or set up a monthly payment plan through Nelnet.

1. Cash Payment – All semester charges, less any financial aid, are due before you can begin classes. Payments can be made with a check, cash, or credit card by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester (including August short course), August 5
  • Spring Semester (including January short course), January 6
  • Summer Semester, May 16

2. Nelnet – College Self Service


Current Students:

For more information about current student accounts, statements, payment plans, or charges contact Student Accounts at 731-989-6662.

Prospective Students:

Prospective students and family may contact admissions by calling 1-800-FHU-FHU1 ext. 6651, or local at 731-989-6651, or by email at admissions@fhu.edu.
(The B.S.N. program requires 126 hours and 8 semesters to complete. The comprehensive charge equates to about $902.38 per hour. The A.S. in PTA program requires 23 hours and 5 semesters to complete. The comprehensive charge for this program equates to about $866.65 per hour.)