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Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity Overview

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program excels at equipping students with the essential tools for effective ministry and elevated scholarly engagement within the realm of biblical studies. This comprehensive program integrates in-depth academic exploration with training in practical skills, all aimed at fostering a life devoted to serving the church.

Graduate Studies:

College of Biblical Studies

Director of Graduate Studies:

Dr. Richard A. Brumback

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Richard A. Brumback

Learning at FHU

Why should you get a M.Div. at FHU?

Enrolling in the Master of Divinity program at Freed-Hardeman University represents a significant stride towards becoming a better minister, understanding Scripture at a deeper level, and spreading the gospel even further. This program will equip you with the tools to lead more effectively in your ministry, empower you with the resources to facilitate the spiritual growth of others, and execute proper exegesis of both Old and New Testament texts in the original Hebrew and Greek languages.

A Bachelor's Degree in Bible prepares students to be competent and knowledgeable in biblical studies and ministry.

Ready to Apply?

All current and new students applying for a Master’s or Doctorate program will use the online application process. 

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Careers for M.Div. Graduates

For those pursuing a master’s degree in divinity, the future holds many opportunities. At FHU, graduate students gain access to faculty that are experts in their field that help them develop a framework for what it means to be a Christian leader in a ministry context. With a combination of in-depth theological principles and advanced academic research, M.Div. graduates will be well-prepared for success in various career paths.

Potential career paths include:

  • Minister
  • Associate Minister
  • Hospital Chaplain
  • Military Chaplain
  • Missionary
  • and more!

Admission Requirements for the Master of Divinity Degree

At Freed-Hardeman University, students enrolled in our M.Div. program can anticipate a comprehensive and rigorous journey encompassing advanced research between both Old and New Testaments, biblical languages, apologetics, mission work, church history, theology, ministry and more. This meticulously crafted curriculum equips aspiring church leaders with the proficiency and insights necessary to excel in faith-inspired leadership.

I. Required Courses: 3 hours
A.BIB 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies 3
B. One (1) of the following: 3 hours
BIB 527 New Testament Theology (3)
BIB 537 Old Testament Theology (3)
II. Biblical Languages - Three (3) of one; two (2) of the other: 15 hours
Greek Language:  
BIB 531 Elementary Greek I (3)
BIB 532 Elementary Greek II (3)
BIB 533 Greek Readings (3)
BIB 534 Greek Exegesis (3)


Hebrew Language:  
BIB 541 Elementary Hebrew I (3)
BIB 542 Elementary Hebrew II (3)
BIB 543 Hebrew Readings (3)
BIB 544 Hebrew Exegesis (3)
III. Old Testament - Three (3) of the following: (one must be a seminar) 9 hours
BIB 508 Intertestamental Period (3)
BIB 509 Prophets I:  Pre-Exilic (3)
BIB 510 Prophets II:  Post-Exilic (3)
BIB 511 Seminar in Genesis (3)
BIB 512 Old Testament Wisdom Literature (3)
BIB 514 Seminar in Job (3)
IV. New Testament - Three (3) of the following: (one must be a seminar) 9 hours
BIB 515 The Synoptic Gospels (3)
BIB 516 Seminar in the Gospel of John (3)
BIB 517 I, II Thessalonians & Philippians (3)
BIB 518 I, II Peter & Jude (3)
BIB 519 The Corinthian Correspondence (3)
BIB 521 Romans (3)
BIB 522 Seminar in Acts (3)
BIB 523 Hebrews (3)
BIB 528 New Testament World (3)
V. Apologetics - Two (2) of the following: 6 hours
BIB 555 Contemporary Ethics (3)
BIB 575 Suffering and the Human Condition (3)
BIB 576 Advanced Apologetics (3)
BIB 577 Biblical Text, Canon, & Inspiration (3)
BIB 596 Hermeneutics (3)
VI. Ministry - Two (2) of the following: 6 hours
BIB 525 Communication in Ministry (3)
BIB 526 Introduction to Homiletics (3)
BIB 529 Expository Preaching (3)
BIB 530 Inductive Preaching (3)
BIB 535 Family Ministry (3)
BIB 536 Pastoral Counseling (3)
BIB 545 Spiritual Leadership (3)
VII. Missions - Two (2) of the following: 6 hours
BIB 547 Missions and Church Growth (3)
BIB 548 Contextualization (3)
BIB 550 Missionary Anthropology (3)
BIB 551 Religious Diversity in America (3)
VIII. Church History - Two (2) of the following: 6 hours
BIB 590 Early Church Fathers (3)
BIB 591 History of the Reformation Movement (3)
BIB 592 History of the Restoration Movement (3)
BIB 593 History of the English Bible (3)
IX. Theology - One (1) of the following: 3 hours
BIB 594 Systematic Theology I (3)
BIB 595 Systematic Theology II (3)
X. Capstone Project: 6 hours
BIB 565 Internship 6
XI. Electives (including optional BIB 585 Thesis**): 15 hours

An emphasis is optional, but if a student selects one, it requires 15 hours, as follows:

A. Old Testament
Advanced Introduction to Old Testament, the first three Hebrew Language courses, and one Old Testament text course.

B. New Testament
Advanced Introduction to New Testament, the first three Greek language courses, and one New Testament text course.

C. Biblical Languages
Three language courses in one of the Biblical languages, and two in the other. The third course in one’s preferred Biblical language may be substituted by a readings course of a modern language (graduate or undergraduate level B or above) which is approved by the director.

D. Apologetics
Any five of the courses listed under Apologetics.

E. Ministry
Any five of the courses listed under Ministry.

F. Missions
Any five of the courses listed under Missions.

G. Church History
History of the Reformation Movement, History of the Restoration Movement, one of the Systematic Doctrine courses, plus at least two others in this section.

H. Chaplaincy
Family Ministry; Pastoral Counseling; Religious Diversity in America; Contemporary Ethics; and Suffering and the Human Condition.

Admission Requirements for the Master of Divinity Degree

To be considered for admission into the Master of Divinity program at FHU, please submit the following:

  • Free online application
  • Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Personal essay specifying your goals and how the FHU program will help you meet those goals (300-500 words)
  • Submit scholarship application (optional)
  • Copy of Photo ID

Frequently Asked Questions About the M.Div. Program at FHU

Why should I get an M.Div. at Freed-Hardeman University?

Simply put, you will be better equipped to serve in your role as a minister. The advanced knowledge you will receive combined with the mentorship provided by the faculty will transform you in ways you never thought possible!

Additionally, you will be eligible to participate in our annual guided archeological dig in the Holy Lands at a subsidized cost. It’s great to study Scripture, but it’s even better to see where it all happened with your own eyes!

Will a M.Div. help me advance my career?

A master’s degree in divinity can certainly make you more attractive to churches seeking to hire. However, the true impact is in the difference you can make with the knowledge you receive from the program. The M.Div. program will make you a more effective minister, enabling you to lead others along their spiritual journeys and help them gain a better understanding of Scripture.

How long will it take me to complete an M.Div.?

The 87 credit hour program can be completed in 3 years. However, you can pace yourself as you choose. You can finish quicker as a full-time student (9+ credit hours per semester) or you can slow it down and take 6 or less credit hours per semester. 

Advanced standing of 12 credit hours can be given for those with an appropriate undergraduate degree in biblical studies.

Are there scholarships available?

We know pursuing a graduate degree can come with a significant cost investment. So, in an attempt to help you further your education without breaking the bank, we offer competitive scholarships to many of our students. If you’re interested, complete the online application as well as the scholarship application. Afterwards, the Director of the Graduate School of Theology will be in touch regarding your potential for a scholarship award.

Questions about the application process?

Have more questions about applying for a graduate or doctorate program? If you’d like to discuss anything further, submit an inquiry or schedule a visit and we’ll have someone from the Office of Graduate Studies contact you.