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Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.)

Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) Overview

Enhance your career with a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction. This new adventure will give you the coursework and experience needed to advance in the PK-12 school system. You’ll learn from experts in their field about research methods, curriculum planning, adolescent psychology, and more!

Graduate Studies:

Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (MEd)

Department chair name:

Alesha Northcutt

Program Director:

Alesha Northcutt

Learning at FHU

Why should you pursue a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction at FHU?

To put it simply, because we need more high-quality educators in the state of Tennessee and we believe you’re the perfect person to fit that role! We’re also confident that our M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction program will help prepare you to be an educator capable of performing at the highest level.

How do you become an administrator in the state of Tennessee? How to get hired as a curriculum coordinator in Tennessee? How to become a school counselor in Tennessee? How to become a Curriculum writer?

Ready to Apply?

All current and new students applying for a Master’s or Doctorate program will use the online application process. 

Online master of education degrees. What all can I do with a master of education degree? What masters do I need to be a curriculum coordinator?

Your Future With A Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Degree

An educator equipped with an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction degree from FHU is guaranteed to make a transformative impact in education. Equipped with advanced expertise in your area and courses in development psychology, curriculum writing, instructional theory, and much more, you’ll stand out as a leader in your school, district, and community. You’ll be prepared to shape the future of education!

Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (MEd) Requirements

Core Courses
EDU 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies 1
EDU 501 Research Methods 3
EDU 503 Developmental Psychology 3
EDU 505 Instructional Theory and Design 3
EDU 506 Computer Applications in Education(W) 3
EDU 508 Foundations of Curriculum 3
BIB 540* Introduction to Christianity 3


Choose one of the following programs below OR from a combination of programs below:

A. Curriculum and Instruction:

EDU 512 Procedures in Classroom Management 3
EDU 513 Education Law 3
EDU 525 Learning Theory and Principles 3
SPE 541 Differentiated Instruction and Intervention 3


B. English as a Second Language:

ESL 555 Instructional Methods and Content Teaching English as a Second Language 3
ESL 557 Foundations of Language, Culture, and Practice in Second Language Teaching in Schools 3
ESL 559 Evaluation and Assessment of English Learners 3
ESL 560 ESL Practicum and Field Experience 3


C. Special Education:

SPE 544 Managing Behaviors of Students with Special Needs 3
SPE 548 Consultation with School, Family, and Community 3
SPE 561 Characteristics and Needs of Exceptional Children I (Modified) 3
SPE 565 Techniques and Strategies I (Modified)


D. English:

ENG 508 Teaching College English 3
ENG 535 Poe and Hawthorne 3
ENG 545 Women Writing Through Trauma 3
ENG 565 Native American Renaissance 3
ENG 571 Modern Poetry 3
ENG 572 Detective Fiction 3


E. Physical Education:

EXS 502 Human Functional Anatomy 3
EXS 503 Applied Biomechanics 3
EXS 505 Nutrition of Exercise 3
EXS 507 Psychology of Exercise 3
EXS 601 Exercise Prescription of Special Populations 3
EXS 603 Theory and Practice of Strength and Conditioning 3
EXS 604 Clinical Practicum 3


Capstone Courses (to be taken at the end of the program)

6 Hours

EDU 522A Thesis Research and Planning 3
EDU 522B Thesis Preparation and Defense 3
Exit Requirements for M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
  1. Minimum of thirty-seven (37) graduate hours applicable to the M.Ed. program.
  2. Cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.00 or above, with no more than two (2) “C” grades in their program of study.
  3. Successful completion and defense of their research project.
  4. All coursework applicable of the program of study must be completed within six (6) years prior to graduation

*This course can be waived for students who completed their undergraduate degree at FHU.

Admission Requirements for the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction Degree

To be considered for admission into the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction program at FHU, please submit the following:

  • Free online application
  • Official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Interview with the program director
  • Copy of Photo ID

Frequently Asked Questions About our M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction Program at FHU

Have more questions about our M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction degree? We’ve provided the most commonly asked questions below. If you’d like to discuss anything further, submit an inquiry and we’ll have someone from the Graduate Admissions Office contact you.

How will an M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction advance my career?

Earning an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction can advance your career in several ways, depending on your current role and future career goals. For example, here are some ways this degree can benefit your career:

  • Gain Specialized Knowledge – This program provides you with expertise in curriculum development, instructional design, and educational assessment.
  • Be Qualified for Leadership Roles – Our degree program may qualify you for leadership positions such as curriculum coordinator, instructional supervisor, educational consultant, and much more!
  • Improved Teacher Effectiveness – This degree will enhance your skills in the classroom. You’ll learn about the latest research and best practices in curriculum development and instructional methods.
  • Earn A Higher Salary – In many districts, you’ll receive a pay raise with your master’s degree. The opportunity for increased earnings is particularly significant when you take on one of the leadership roles mentioned above.
How long will it take me to complete an M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction?

Students can complete the program in as little as five semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring). However, if life is busy and work is hectic, simply take fewer hours each semester. It will take a little longer but may be easier with your schedule!

Why should I get an M.Ed. rather than a MAT?

The Master of Arts in Teaching program (MAT) is for individuals wishing to pursue initial teaching licensure. All of our M.Ed. students are already licensed and working in the education sector. If you already hold an active teaching license and are seeking to gain advanced training in education, this M.Ed. program is for you!

What makes graduate education different at FHU?

Because at FHU, it’s more than an education. Our faculty are not just instructors. They act as mentors and guides to help you develop as you pursue advanced education. And your peers? They not only want to make a difference in the classroom, but they want to make themselves, their families, and their communities better. And that’s exactly why we exist: to expand a student’s professional knowledge for a higher purpose.

Questions about the application process?

Have more questions about applying for a graduate or doctorate program? If you’d like to discuss anything further, submit an inquiry or schedule a visit and we’ll have someone from the Office of Graduate Studies contact you.