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Education Specialist

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Program Overview

Prepare yourself with advanced training in PK-12 education with our Education Specialist program at Freed-Hardeman University. This new adventure will expand upon your training and experience in education, equip you with advanced leadership skills, and enable you to help strengthen your school’s instructional effectiveness.

Degree Type:

Education Specialist

Graduate Studies:

College of Education

Department chair name:

Dr. Showen Herring

Learning at FHU

Why should you pursue an Education Specialist degree at FHU?

In short, because the world needs more qualified leaders in PK-12 education and we believe you’re up for the challenge! We’re also confident that our Ed.S. program will help prepare you to be a leader capable of performing at the highest level.

FHU offers two separate tracks: One concentration in administration and supervision leading to licensure and one concentration in teacher leadership that does not lead to licensure.

new-faculty teaching course 4

The purpose of the Ed.S. degree in Instructional Leadership concentration is to prepare teachers of integrity to assume leadership roles in their schools, districts, and the profession. The form of leadership can be distinguished from, but in tandem with, formal administrative leadership.

This Teacher Leadership program is designed to strengthen the leadership skills of professional educators working in tandem with school administrators to maximize instructional effectiveness. The aim of this program is to prepare teacher leaders of integrity who serve as instructional role models with the capacity to support and influence professional educators in all aspects of P–12 education.

Programs Available

  • Education Specialist Degree in Instructional Leadership, concentration in Administration and Supervision
    A program leading to an Education Specialist degree with a license in administration and supervision.
  • Education Specialist Degree in Instructional Leadership, concentration in Teacher Leadership
    A program leading to a non-licensure Education Specialist degree with a concentration in teacher leadership.
EDU 601 Foundations of School Administration/Supervision 3
EDU 610 Leadership Theories and Applications 3
EDU 611 School Business Management 3
EDU 612 School and Community Relations 3
EDU 613 The Principalship 3
EDU 614 Instructional Leadership Licensure Internship 3
EDU 630 Professionalism and Ethics 3
EDU 637 Data Analysis for School Improvement 3
EDU 642 Advanced Technology for Educators 3
EDU 670A Advanced Educational Research Design I 3
EDU 670B Advanced Educational Research Design II 3
EDU 671A Quantitative Statistics Applied to Social Science Research I 3
EDU 672 Qualitative Methods Applied to Social Science Research 3
  Total Hours: 39
EDU 601 Foundations of School Administration/Supervision 3
EDU 620 Administrative Issues in Special Education 3
EDU 630 Professionalism and Ethics 3
EDU 634 Seminar in Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Education 3
EDU 637 Data Analysis for School Improvement 3
EDU 638 Instructional Design and Improvement 3
EDU 639 Development of Professional Learning Communities 3
EDU 642 Advanced Technology for Educators 3
EDU 670A Advanced Educational Research Design I 3
EDU 670B Advanced Educational Research Design II 3
EDU 671A Quantitative Statistics Applied to Social Science Research I 3
EDU 672 Qualitative Methods Applied to Social Science Research 3
EDU 685 Seminar in Professional Development 3
  Total Hours: 39

Ready to Apply?

All current and new students applying for a Master’s or Doctorate program will use the online application process. 

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Your Future With An Education Specialist Degree

An educator equipped with an Ed.S. degree from FHU is poised for a transformative impact in education. Equipped with advanced expertise in leadership, curriculum development, and educational innovation, you’ll stand out as leaders in your school, district, and industry. From pioneering new teaching methodologies to spearheading systemic reforms, you’ll be prepared to shape the future of PK-12 education!

Admission Requirements for the Education Specialist Degree

To be considered for admission into the Ed.S. program at FHU, please submit the following:

  • Free online application
  • Official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Must have completed an appropriate master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and approved by the appropriate graduate program coordinator with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50.
  • Verification of 3 years of teaching experience
  • Copy of Photo ID
I. Counseling Core - 28 Hours
COU 000 Orientation to Graduate Studies in Counseling 1 hour
COU 501 Clinical Intervention I 3
COU 505 Life-Cycle Development 3
COU 510 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy 3
COU 520 Assessment in Counseling 3
COU 530 Group Counseling 3
COU 535 Ethical Issues in Counseling 3
COU 540 Research Methods in Counseling 3
COU 550 Career Counseling 3
COU 560 Counseling Diverse Populations 3
II. School Counseling Field Experience - 9 Course
COU 545B School Counseling Practicum 3
Completion of Traditional School Counseling Internships  
COU 605B School Counseling Internship: Elementary/Middle 3
COU 605C School Counseling Internship: Secondary 3
OR Completion of Alternative School Counseling Internship
(Job-embedded pathway)
COU 605D School Counseling Internship: Alternative License (6)
Format of Courses

As one of Tennessee’s oldest universities, Freed-Hardeman University has maintained a tradition of offering quality education in ways that fit into the lives of students. The integrated residential and web-conferencing graduate program in School Counseling is designed to make learning accessible, applicable, and relevant to the classroom today and practice tomorrow. The program is designed to meet the needs of college graduates who desire training in school counseling and wish to provide such services to students in a school setting.

  • The program consists of 37 semester hours of coursework (including practicum and internships).
  • The program is a distance program requiring no more than 3 weekends on-campus for experiential exercises. The remainder of the program can be completed through synchronous (live web-conferenced classes) or asynchronous (online recorded or discussion-based classes) formats.
  • Flexible scheduling with classes offered on nights and weekends.
  • Some classes are available as hybrid courses which blend traditional and online components to provide both classroom interaction and flexibility in scheduling.
  • Courses are offered by full-time and part-time faculty who are experts in their respective fields.
  • Successful completion of the program leads to Tennessee licensure as a school counselor for K-12 schools.
Exit Requirements
  1. Successful completion of all required coursework with a 3.00 GPA and other requirements for the M.S. degree.
  2. Successful completion of required field experience (practicum and two internships).
  3. Completion of all courses within a six-year period.
  4. Successful completion of the comprehensive examination.
  5. Appropriate score on the state-approved licensure examination.
  6. Recommendations by the Director of School Counseling, internship mentors, and superintendent/principal of the district where the internship was completed.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Education Specialist program at FHU

Will this program help me achieve my career goals?

Of course! Our program is designed for full-time working professionals seeking to advance in their career and improve educational outcomes within the schools, districts, and communities in which they work. Upon completion of our Ed.S. program, you’ll be well positioned to lead positive change and move up the ladder in your career!

How long will it take me to complete my Ed.D. from FHU?

The 39 credit hour program can be completed in under 2 years. Our program is not cohort based so students are welcome to take fewer or more credit hours to ensure a timeline that works for them.

Can I use this degree to transition into the Ed.D. program at FHU?

Yes! Students who complete our Ed.S. program are able to transfer all of their coursework into FHU’s Ed.D. program

Should I get an Ed.S. or an Ed.D.?

This is a difficult question because it really depends on the student! The primary difference between the Ed.S. and the Ed.D. is the overall length of the program and the focus. Students will study many of the same topics in both programs. However, an Ed.S. allows students to gain knowledge and certification in one area in a more expedited manner

Questions about the application process?

Have more questions about applying for a graduate or doctorate program? If you’d like to discuss anything further, submit an inquiry or schedule a visit and we’ll have someone from the Office of Graduate Studies contact you.