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Master of Arts in Special Education (MAT)

Master of Arts in Special Education (MAT) Overview

Prepare yourself to enter the rewarding field of teaching with our Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education program. This new adventure will give you the coursework needed to pass your teaching licensure exam in the state of Tennessee. You’ll learn from experts in their field about research methods, instructional theory and design, procedures in classroom management, and more!

Graduate Studies:

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Department chair name:

Aundrea McFall

Program Director:

Aundrea McFall

Learning at FHU

Why should you pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education degree at FHU?

Because we believe you’re the ideal candidate to address the need for high-quality special education teachers in Tennessee through our MAT in Special Education program at FHU. Our program not only equips you with top-notch teaching skills but also fosters personal growth through peer relationships, faculty mentorship, and classroom instruction. Join us for more than just an education; become an outstanding educator and a better person.

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Ready to Apply?

All current and new students applying for a Master’s or Doctorate program will use the online application process. 

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Your Future With A Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education Degree

An educator equipped with an MAT in Special Education degree from FHU is guaranteed to make a transformative impact in education, specifically in a special education classroom. Equipped with advanced expertise in your licensure area and courses in developmental psychology, teaching students with disabilities, application in special education, and much more, you’ll stand out as a leader in your school, district, and community. You’ll be prepared to shape the future of special education!

Master of Arts in Special Education Degree Admission Requirements

Learn more about the courses you will take in order to fulfill your degree and complete our Masters of Arts in Special Education.

Core Courses
EDU 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies 1
EDU 501 Research Methods 3
EDU 503 Developmental Psychology 3
EDU 505 Instructional Theory and Design 3
EDU 547 Advanced Literacy III: Teaching Literacy 3
EDU 548 Advanced Literacy IV: Teaching Methods Across Content Areas 3
BIB 540* Introduction to Christianity 3
SPE 541 Differentiated Instruction and Invention 3
SPE 544 Managing Behaviors of Students with Special Needs 3
SPE 547 Assessment in Special Education 3
SPE 548 Consultation with School, Family, and Community 3
SPE 578 Technology and the Special Education Teacher 3
Other Courses (required to meet State competencies)

Choose one (1) of the following areas of emphasis:

A. K-8 Interventionist (10 hours):

SPE 546 Practical Applications in Special Education 3
SPE 561 Characteristics and Needs of Exceptional Children I 3
SPE 565 Techniques and Strategies I 3
EDU 550
Professional Reflection and Planning 1

B. 6-12 Interventionist (10 hours):

SPE 549 Transitional and Vocational Education 3
SPE 571 Characteristics and Needs of Exceptional Children II 3
SPE 575 Techniques and Strategies II 3
EDU 505
Professional Reflection and Planning 3

C. K-12 Comprehensive (10 hours):

SPE 571 Characteristics and Needs of Exceptional Children II 3
SPE 575 Techniques and Strategies II 3
SPE 583 Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities 3
EDU 550
Professional Reflection and Planning 1


Student Teaching (Required Courses for Licensure/Job-Embedded Practitioner License)

1-12 Hours

EDU 524 Enhanced Student Teaching OR 12
EDU 597*** Mentoring in the Classroom (Job-Embedded Licensure students only) 1
Exit Requirements for M.A.T. (Degree-Completer)
  1. Admission to the Teacher Education program and candidacy status.
  2. Minimum of thirty-six (36) graduate hours applicable to the M.A.T. program.
  3. Cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.00 or above, with no more than two (2) “C” grades in their program of study.
  4. All coursework applicable to the M.A.T. Program of Study must be completed within six years of graduation.
  5. Successful completion of the comprehensive examination.
Requirements for Licensure-Completer
  1. Successful completion of all licensure coursework listed in their program of study within six (6) years of applying for a traditional teaching license.
  2. Cumulative graduate grade point average of 2.75 or above on the last sixty (60) hours of coursework.
  3. Successful completion of state required assessments for their endorsement area.
  4. Successful completion of: EDU 524 Enhanced Student Teaching or EDU 597 Mentoring in the Classroom (job–embedded students only).

NOTE: Once licensure requirements are fulfilled, students must contact the Freed–Hardeman University College of Education licensure officer in order to begin the licensure application process.

* BIB540 can be waived for students who completed their Bachelor’s Degree at Freed-Hardeman University
**EDU550A (Traditional); EDU550B (Job-Embedded); EDU550C (Permit)
***Required for students hired on a Job–Embedded Practitioner License.

NOTE: Please contact FHU’s Licensure Officer, Mrs. Jill Jackson, at 731-989-6082 if you are unsure about your licensure path.

Admission Requirements for the Master of Arts in Special Education Degree

To be considered for admission into the MAT in Special Education program at FHU, please submit the following:

  • Free online application
  • Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Interview with the program director
  • Copy of Photo ID

Frequently Asked Questions About FHU’s MBA in Healthcare Management Program

How will a MAT in Special Education advance my career?

If you want to teach special education in the PK-12 school system in the state of Tennessee, you need to hold an active special education license. This program will go above and beyond to help prepare you to pass the state licensure exam and begin your rewarding career as an educator!

What content areas are involved in completing an MAT in Special Education?

All students are required to complete a core set of classes. Afterward, students can emphasize in one of the following areas: K-8 Interventionist, 6-12 Interventionist, or K-12 Comprehensive.

How long will it take me to complete a Master’s in Teaching In Special Education?

Students can complete the M.A.T. program in as little as 24 months. However, students can choose to enroll in fewer hours and finish a little longer. Whichever path fits your schedule best, we’re happy to help!

What makes graduate education different at FHU?

Because at FHU, it’s more than an education. Our faculty are not just instructors. They act as mentors and guides to help you develop as you pursue advanced education. And your peers? They not only want to make a difference in the classroom, but they want to make themselves, their families, and their communities better. And that’s exactly why we exist: to expand a student’s professional knowledge for a higher purpose.

Questions about the application process?

Have more questions about applying for a graduate or doctorate program? If you’d like to discuss anything further, submit an inquiry or schedule a visit and we’ll have someone from the Office of Graduate Studies contact you.