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Bachelor of Business Management 

B.B.A. in Management Program Overview

Prepare for success by gaining knowledge in real-world skills to be used in any company or business management career with a Major in Management from FHU.


College of Business

Department chair name:

Matt Vega
B.A., J.D.

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Bryan Black

Learning at FHU


A major in management is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to pursue a dynamic and challenging career in business. When considering a bachelor’s in management, FHU offers a program with active faculty and an engaging curriculum that stands out.

The Business Management Degree Program at FHU helps students develop skills to succeed in the world of business administration

Program Highlights:

  • A faculty of experienced professionals
  • Practical, real-world business principles
  • Interaction with community professionals
  • A diverse and stimulating learning environment
  • Develop skills in critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Learn to excel in the dynamic field of business management

Bachelor’s in Management Four-Year Plans

Embarking on a journey towards a successful career in business can be daunting, but with the BBA in Management program at FHU, you’ll receive the education and leadership skills needed to excel in today’s competitive environment. To guide you on your way, we’ve developed four-year plans to make your graduation path more manageable.

2023-2024 4-Year Plan(s)
2022-2023 4-Year Plan(s)
2021-2022 4-Year Plan(s)
2020-2021 4-Year Plan(s)


The Brown-Kopel Business Center is an exceptional learning environment that will provide you with the foundation for a thriving career. Our esteemed alums can vouch for this, having ventured into various industries such as business ownership, management and the international marketplace.

  • Management Positions
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Operations Manager
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Small Business Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Management Analysts
  • Sales Manager

Major in Management Degree Requirements

Here are the following required courses and course hours for management majors pursuing a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements

Listed in this catalog under Academics: Liberal Arts Core

Limit II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 235 Introductory Statistics

II. Common Professional Component for all B.B.A. majors - 39 hours
ACC 231 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACC 233 Principles of Accounting II 3
BAN 225 Quantitative Business Analysis 3
BUS 254 Business Technology 3
BUS 351 Business Communication (W) 3
BUS 354 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS 455 Business Ethics (W 3
BUS 459 Business Capstone (W) 3
ECO 271 Macroeconomics 3
ECO 272 Microeconomics 3
FIN 385 Managerial Finance 3
MGT 241 Principles of Management 3
MKT 261 Principles of Marketing 3
III. Major Requirements - 24 hours
MGT 340 Manufacturing and Service Operations 3
MGT 341 Human Resource Management 3
MGT 348 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3
MGT 440 Supply Chain and Logistics 3
MGT 448 Regulatory Management 3
  Internship or upper-division Business electives 6

 Choose one (1) of the following courses:

ACC 333 Accounting Software Applications (3)
ACC 335 Cost Accounting (3)
ACC 430 Principles of Taxation I (3)
ACC 438 Fraud Examination (3)
BAN 325 Business Analytics (3)
IV. Electives (including additional Bible) - 29 hours

Frequently Asked Questions About The Business Management Program

Below are answers to questions prospective students often have when considering a major in Management. If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact admissions@fhu.edu and they will happily answer questions and provide additional details about our program.

What are the requirements for the business management program at FHU?

The requirements for the business management program at FHU are both varied and extensive.

  • Students must complete at least 150 credit hours to be eligible for graduation.
  • Of this, 34 hours must include a Liberal Arts Core
  • To this, 39 hours must include Common Professional Components for all BBA majors such as ACC 231 Principles of Accounting I, BAN 225 Quantitative Business Analysis, BUS 351 Business Communications (W), BUS 354 Legal Environment of Business, and other courses like ECO 271 Macroeconomics and MKT 261 Principles of Marketing among others.
  • In addition to these components, students must complete 24 hours of Major Requirements, including MGT 341 Human Resource Management, MGT 345 Operations and Supply-Chain Management, MGT 346 Leadership & BUS 459 Business Capstone (W).
  • Finally, students need 29 additional electives, including six internship or upper-division business electives and three Bible courses.

To learn more about the business management program at FHU, please view the listed degree requirements above for the BBA in Management and BBA/MBA in Management, or contact one of our helpful advisors for more information.

A major in management provides the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare individuals for a successful career in business. Our experienced faculty will guide you through each course of study, providing personal advice and support as you progress. With our unique understanding of industry needs, we’re confident our graduates are ready to take on the world!

What are the benefits of the business management program at FHU?

At Freed-Hardeman University, our business management program stands out from the rest. With a curriculum designed specifically to give our graduates the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the professional world, our program equips our students with the confidence and capabilities to thrive in the competitive business landscape. Our distinguished faculty has significant experience in academia and industry and will provide students with the guidance and mentorship needed to ensure success. Our business management program graduates have been placed in prestigious companies nationwide, and our alumni network is second to none. We are confident our program will help you achieve your goals and excel in your career.

The BBA in Management classes are taught in the Brown-Kopel Business Center, which provides an ideal learning environment for developing the skills needed in today’s competitive business environment. Alums of FHU have careers as business owners, jobs in management, and employment in the international marketplace, to name a few. 

Faculty members are also committed to helping students cultivate faith, strengthen service attitudes, and develop balance in church, family, community, and career. They do this by weaving biblical examples throughout each course.

Management is a profession with unlimited exciting employment opportunities in the business world and beyond. Faculty use their education, work experience, and wisdom to bring in real-world applications for students to discuss. Professionals from around the community are brought in to provide students with current issues facing management and how they deal with these issues. This creates a learning environment that stimulates and nourishes the critical thinking skills needed for a career in management. 

Business students can participate in professional and honor organizations, workshops, and career expos to help network with employers and other students. These networking opportunities prove valuable to both businesses and the students when seeking employment after graduation.

Get started today and reach your goals with a degree from FHU’s Business Management Program. With the proper education, mentorship, and dedication, you’ll be ready to start a successful career in business management.

Contact our experienced faculty to learn more about how you can benefit from our program services today!

How long does completing a bachelor's in management at FHU take?

At FHU, we understand the importance of a clear and succinct path toward completing your degree. That’s why we have created four-year plans for students majoring in Management. With such a plan, you can navigate your coursework effectively and confidently, ensuring you stay on track toward graduation. While every student’s timeline may differ, these plans serve as a helpful guide in mapping out your academic journey. Trust that with FHU’s support and resources, you’ll be able to earn your bachelor’s in Management with confidence and success.

The management field is a vast and ever-evolving profession with many exciting career paths. Whether it’s in the business world or beyond, the possibilities are endless. From overseeing teams and leading organizations to managing finances, project management, and operations, there is always a demand for competent and experienced managers. That’s where faculty comes in, acting as a driving force behind the education and training of the next generation of managers. With their vast knowledge and real-world experience, they are equipped to impart invaluable wisdom and practical applications to their students – giving them a solid foundation to build their successful careers. Indeed, the management field never grows stale, offering growth, development, and impact opportunities.

To prepare students for their future careers in management, they must have a solid understanding of the current issues and challenges they may face in their positions. That’s why we bring top professionals from the community to share their first-hand experiences and insights with our students. By creating an interactive and stimulating learning environment, our students can develop the critical thinking skills needed to tackle any challenge that may come their way. With this strong foundation, we are confident that our students will become successful and effective managers in their future careers.

As a business student, you have countless opportunities to expand your network and connect with potential employers. Between professional and honor organizations, workshops, and career expos, the possibilities for networking are endless. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can present yourself as a confident and competent candidate to future employers. These connections can prove invaluable when it comes time to enter the job market and set you apart from other candidates seeking similar positions. Take advantage of the chance to develop your professional network and position yourself for success after graduation.

What is the job outlook for graduates with a major in management?

The job outlook and labor statistics for graduates majoring in management is positive and promising. With the rapid changes in today’s economy, organizations rely more on their managers to help them survive and thrive in competitive markets. As such, there is an increased demand for qualified and experienced managers skilled in leading teams, managing operations, overseeing finances, and strategizing for success.

Earning a degree in management can help you stand out from other applicants and give you the edge you need when applying for positions within your chosen field. In addition to the core competencies of a manager — communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving aptitude — employers also look beyond these standard qualifications when recruiting new employees. In order to remain competitive in their fields of expertise, successful candidates will possess an up-to-date knowledge base alongside strong technical know-how related to not only general management concepts but also industry trends and advancements.

Further enhancing your job prospects can come from investing time into professional networking opportunities during college – both on campus or online through specialized groups – which will increase your visibility amongst recruiters while introducing yourself to potential employers looking specifically for your skill set and experience level. Professional organization memberships can also open doors to continuous learning and development, providing access to workshops, conferences, and publications that will help you stay up-to-date on management industry trends.

Graduates with a major in management can feel confident about their job prospects as they enter the workforce. The BBA in Management program at FHU provides students with an outstanding learning environment for developing skills in high demand in today’s competitive business world. With alumni who have gone on to successful careers as business owners, managers, and international business professionals, it is clear that an FHU bachelor’s degree in management can open the door to a wide range of exciting and lucrative opportunities. Whether you are interested in leading a team or navigating the complexities of global markets, a degree in management from FHU can help you achieve your career goals.

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