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minor in arts and humanities

minor in arts and humanities

Program Overview

Arts and Humanities offers students a Minor in Gerontology or a Minor in Military Science and Leadership. 


Department of Arts and Humanities

Department Chair:

Loren Warf, Ph.D.


program coordinator:

Loren Warf, Ph.D.


Course Requirements

Students can choose from the below two minors in Arts and Humanities:

Minor in Gerontology
FAM 299B/399B Death and Dying   3
NSG310 Aging and Care for the Older Adult   3
SOC 245 Social Gerontology   3
190/290/390/490 Field Work   3



Choice of six (6) hours from the following courses:                                                            6

BIB 299E/399E The Problem of Suffering OR                                                   (3)
PHI 299A/399A The Problem of Suffering   (3)
BIB 433 Personal Counseling   (3)
BPH 310 Community Health   (3)
FAM 325 Stress and Resilience in Individuals and Families (W)   (3)
PSY 408 Family and Individual Counseling   (3)
SWK 252 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II: Adulthood and Aging   (3)
SWK 320 Expressive Therapies   (3)
SWK 362 Social Welfare Policies and Services II   (3)
299/399 Topical Seminar   (1-3)
      18 hours 
Minor in Military Science and Leadership*
MSL 301 Leadership and Problem Solving   4
MSL 302 Leadership and Ethics   4
MSL 401 Leadership and Management   4
MSL 402 Officership   4
MSL 491** Leadership Development and Assessment Course   6
      22 hours

*Admission to the Minor in Military Science and Leadership Program is contingent upon successful completion of the following courses: MSL 101, MSL 102, MSL 201, MSL 202, and MSL 291**.

**MSL 291 and MSL 491 are conducted at a designated U.S. Army Installation.

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