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Department of Nursing value statements

Our Values

The Department of Nursing conducts its affairs in accordance with our university’s aims and policies, as well as those governing the nursing profession.

The following values serve as our guiding principles:

  • Christian Perspective
  • Caring
  • Excellence
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Professionalism 
  • Diversity
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Nursing Values

Christian Perspective

This includes the belief that individuals were created in the image of God, possess a soul, and are therefore worthy of respect and dignity. Additionally, the Bible is recognized as the inspired Word of God, and Jesus Christ, His Son, is our model for personal behavior.


This is recognized as a fundamental part of the nursing profession. It is characterized as the concern and consideration for the whole person, a commitment to the common good, and outreach to those that are vulnerable. There are five principles deeply rooted in caring:

  • Human dignity: respect for the inherent worth and uniqueness of individuals and populations.
  • Integrity: acting in accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and accepted standards of practice.
  • Autonomy: The right to self-determination. Focuses on the respect for the patient’s right to make decisions, even those decisions that conflict with the healthcare provider.
  • Altruism: A concern for the welfare and well being of others.
  • Social justice: Upholding moral and legal principles; striving to ensure fair and equitable distribution of benefits and bearing of burdens in society.


Obtaining the highest level of achievement in education and practice.

Lifelong Learning

A lifelong pursuit of intellectual and personal growth, including refinement of cultural, moral, and religious values.


Encompasses values and associated behaviors foundational to nursing and is based on ethical principles and standards of nursing education and practice. The following characteristics are emphasized:

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Dependability
  • Commitment
  • Attitudes
  • Image


Differences in social, intellectual, and individual characteristics. Encompasses recognizing, appreciating, and using the unique attributes and contributions of all individuals to enhance the environment and experience.