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CIE Exam Information

Cambridge International Exams (CIE) Information

Cambridge International Exams (CIE). Freed-Hardeman University accepts the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) diploma in lieu of a high school diploma. Credit for relevant Cambridge International Exams (CIE) will be awarded for grades of A*, A, B, or C on the Cambridge grading scale. For students with a complete AICE diploma, a score of A*, A, B, C, or D will be accepted for credit. Students who receive more than 32 semester hours of credit through AP, CLEP, CIE, IB, or DSST must specify to the Registrar which courses he/she wishes to have credited to his/her transcript.

Exam Level Grade Courses Awarded Grade
Accounting AS A, B, C ACC231 M- Mastery
  A   ACC231/ACC233 M
Biology AS A, B, C BIO100 M
  A   BIO111/BIO112 M
Business Studies A/AS A, B, C MGT241 M
Chemistry AS A, B, C CHE121/L M
  A   CHE121/CHE122 M
Computing A/AS A, B, C CIS161 M
Economics AS A, B, C ECO271 M
  A   ECO271/ECO272 M
English Language AS A, B, C ENG101 M
  A   ENG101/ENG102 M
English Literature AS A, B, C ENG225 M
  A   ENG225/ENG226 M
General Paper A/AS A, B, C ENG101 M
Geography A/AS A, B, C POL251 M
History AS A, B, C HIS111 M
  A   HIS111/HIS112 M
Marine Science AS A, B, C BIO100 M
  A   BIO111/BIO112 M
Mathematics A/AS A, B, C MAT101 M
Physics AS A, B, C PHS201 M
  A   PHS201/PHS202 M
Psychology A/AS A, B, C PSY210 M
Sociology A/AS A, B, C SOC241 M
Spanish AS A, B, C SPA131 M
  A   SPA131/SPA132 M
Thinking Skills A/AS  A, B, C GEN1000 M