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DSST Exam Information

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) Exam Information

Upon receiving a passing score on the listed DSST Exams, the following credit will be awarded with an M grade (Mastery):

DSST Exam                          Passing Score FHU Course Equivalent        Hours
Art of the Western World 400 ART110- Art Appreciation 3
Astronomy 400 PHS111- Physical Science I  3
Business Law II 400 BUS357- Commercial Law 3
Civil War & Reconstruct 400 HIS325- The Civil War  3
Criminal Justice 400 CJU210- Intro to Crim. Just. System  3
Environment/Humanity 400 BIO110- Principles of Biology  3
Fund. of College Algebra 400 MAT101- College Algebra  3
Fund. of Counseling 400 PSY/FAM408- Family/Indiv Couns.  3
General Anthropology 400 ANT201- General Anthropology  3
Here’s to Your Health 400 PEA100- Lifetime Wellness  1
History of Vietnam War 400 HUM1000- General Elective  3
Human Cultural Geography 400 HUM1000- General Elective 3
Human Res Management 400 MGT341- Human Res Management  3
Intro Law Enforcement 400 CJU310- Police and Law Enforce  3
Intro Modern Middle East 400 HUM1000- General Elective  3
Intro to World Religions 400 BIB445- World Religions  3
Life Span Dev. Psych. 400 PSY310- Developmental Psychology  3
Physical Geology 400 PHS111- Physical Science I  3
Principles of Finance 400 FIN385- Managerial Finance  3
Princ. of Financial Acct 400 ACC231- Principles of Accounting I 3
Princ. Physical Science I 400 PHS111- Physical Science I 3
Principles of Statistics 400 MAT235- Intro Statistics 3
Principles of Supervision 400 HUM3000- General Elective 3
Rise/Fall Soviet Union 400 HUM1000- General Elective OR  3
    HIS3000- History Elective (HIS majors) 3
Substance Abuse 400 BIO299- Substance Abuse 3
Technical Writing 400 HUM3000- General Elective 3
West. Europe since 1945 400 HUM1000- General Elective 3