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ATPI Center for Computer Science and Digital Innovation

ATPI Center for Computer Science and Digital Innovation

The ATPI Center for Computer Science and Digital Innovation is coming to FHU’s campus over the next few years. 

 The Center is named in honor of Albert and Treca Brown and Philip and Irene Kopel, the parents of the Browns whose donations made the Center a reality. We are developing programs to take advantage of exploding opportunities due to the proliferation of responsive and intelligent systems. Chip shortages, the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the slowing of easy computing speed increases have put more pressure on the field and provide numerous opportunities for students. 

Student Outcomes

Upon starting their professional careers, our students exhibit growth in their:

  1. Faith – by using their unique talents in the practice of engineering for skillful stewardship of God’s creation. Their professional interactions are fair, ethical, and of utmost integrity.
  2. Service – by being involved in community. Their families, congregations, companies, and cities are better because our students are ‘fit for use’.
  3. Scholarship – by engaging in the practice of engineering and the continued adventure of learning in a rapidly advancing field.


Current degree plans for starting in 2024 (proposals and accreditation pending): Engineering with Computer Engineering concentration, robotics minor, and possibly other Engineering concentrations.


  • Develop advisory network by starting newsletter, advisory board draft documentation and processes
  • Course and program development, development of accreditation documentation
  • Building design blueprints


  • Launch advisory board
  • Begin construction


  • Launch Program


  • Upon graduation of first students in the program, achieve ABET accreditation