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Background Check

Steps for a Background Check

FHU students will follow the procedures below for obtaining background checks required for Admission to the Teacher Education Program. You are required to use the following agency for your background check. Background checks from other agencies will not be accepted.

  1. Using your computer web browser, go to https://www.identogo.com and click on “Get Fingerprinted” in the upper right corner.
  2. Select “Digital Fingerprinting” and enter “Tennessee” for the Fingerprinting Service by State.
  3. Once you arrive at the Tennessee page, scroll down and select “Digital Fingerprinting”.
  4. You should see a box asking for a Service Code.Click on the blue bar underneath that says “Don’t Know Your Service Code”.
  5. For Agency ID, choose the proper employing or licensing agency as your Agency Name (Non-DCS Child Care).
  6. Choose the proper Applicant Type and click “go”. (Child Related Worker Private).
  7. Enter the following ORI required by Freed-Hardeman and click “go”.
    ORI Number: TNCC12001
  8. You should see a box stating that you have selected Freed-Hardeman University and asking if that is correct.Click “Yes”.
  9. Next you will need to read the presented information and click “I Agree”.
  10. Select the location where you want to be fingerprinted. Enter a zip code to find a location and click “Go”.(Enter “38340” if you wish to find the location closest to FHU.)
  11. Click on the words “Click to Schedule” across from the location you want, under the day you wish to be fingerprinted. If you want a date further in the future, click the “Next Week >>” link to display more dates. Once you select the location/date combination, select the time for your appointment and click “go”.
  12. Complete the demographic information page. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*) When complete, click “Send Information”.
  13. Confirm the information. Follow the on screen directions to make any changes necessary. Once you see the data is correct, click “Send Information”.
  14. You are required to pay for your own fingerprinting, and you may be presented with payment options online, or you may be required to pay in person at the location.
  15. Print your confirmation page.
  16. Bring approved identification documents with you to the appointment. These approved document options are identified on your confirmation of your appointment.
  17. Arrive at the facility at your appointed date and time.
  18. The Enrollment Officer at the site will check your ID, verify your information, verify or collect payment, capture your fingerprints, and submit your data. This normally takes less than 5 minutes.
  19. You will receive a signed receipt at the end of your fingerprinting session which can be provided to your agency for proof of fingerprinting, if needed.
  20. All results will be processed and delivered to the Department of Education at FHU.