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teacher education program

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education Program:

  • Successfully complete EDU 130 Introduction to Education (with a grade of C or better)
  • Earn at least 28 semester hours with an overall GPA of 2.75
  • Take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educator (Core) Tests (or be exempt by scoring a minimum of 22 on the Enhanced ACT). A minimum passing score for the State of Tennessee in each of the areas of Mathematics, Reading and Writing is necessary. Remediation for the test is available upon request by the student
  • Have an up-to-date electronic portfolio approved by the Director of Field Experience
  • Submit a formal application for Admission to Teacher Education
  • Complete a criminal background check through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
  • Complete interview with the Teacher Education Committee
  • Completion of Recommendation Forms by three FHU faculty members

In determining admission, consideration will be given to such formal factors as emotional health, intellectual alertness, use of English and any disability that could hinder an applicant’s ability to function effectively as a teacher. Students may not enroll in upper-division professional core courses (EDU 300 and 400 courses) unless they have been admitted to the teacher education program or have the approval of the Dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

TEP Appeals Process

The purpose of this policy is to provide an opportunity for students applying to the Teacher Education Program at Freed–Hardeman University to have appeals addressed in a fair and professional manner. All parties involved in the appeal process are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Christian standards of the University. Freed–Hardeman University’s TEP strives to provide educational opportunities, experiences, and services that are of the highest quality.

Occasionally, there may be those who were not initially accepted into the TEP due to not meeting the admissions requirements. In this case, they may file an appeal in the office of the Department Chair to be reviewed by the TEC. The TEP views such appeals as potential opportunities for students aspiring to become teachers.