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Mail Center

Receiving and Sending Letters and Packages

We are excited to finally offer package shipping to our Faculty, Staff and Students. You can find more information on this new service listed below. Check out all of our information below and feel free to send a message, asking any additional question you may have or to offer suggestions on how we can better serve you. We are always looking for ways we can streamline and expand the services we offer.

We are excited to have you here and look forward to serving you any way we can.

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Hours of Operation and Pickup Times

Hours of Operations (Excluding University Holidays)

The Mail Center is open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Occasionally closed for lunch due to staffing)

Mail Arrival Times

  • U.S. Mail generally arrives around 9:30 am We do our best to have all the mail in boxes by noon.
  • UPS arrives between 10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • FedEx Ground arrives between 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Services and Important Information

Mail Center Location for Package Services

We are located on the lower level of Pruett Book Center. When you receive a notification that you have received a package, you will need to come to the Mail Center to pick it up.

Mail Box Location

Student mailboxes are located in the Student Center.

Package Delivery Notifications

When you receive a package delivery notification from the shipper, please be patient. Your package has arrived but it is not yet ready to be picked up. Please allow us time to process all the packages that have arrived.  We will scan your package into our system and you should receive an email from donotreply-mailroom@fhu.edu . This email lets you know that your package has arrived.  Once you have received this message, you may come retrieve your package from the Mail Center. We do appreciate your patience in this area as we sometimes handle 300+ packages a day.

Addressing Campus Mail

No mail should be addressed to dormitories or office buildings, but should be addressed to a student with a box number or to a faculty/staff or office/department. No stamp is required for campus mail.  We are not allowed to give out student box numbers to anyone. If you do not know the box number, please just put the person’s name on the envelope and we will ensure it is placed in the student’s box.

Incoming mail

Any packages or mail addressed to you should appear like this:Your Name

Freed-Hardeman University
158 East Main St.
FHU BOX ####
Henderson, TN  38340

Please do not put P.O. Box in your address (it may end up at the Henderson Post Office downtown).

Shipping Services We Offer

  • United States Post Office
  • UPS
  • FedEx

We accept Credit/Debit Card, Checks or Cash on this service.

We are also a pick up location if you have a prepaid shipping label for USPS, UPS or FedEx. One exception is that we are not able to take any prepaid label with the QR Code. It must have a barcode for us to accept it.


A few Stamps can be purchased at the Student Center Post Office window or you can purchase a sheet of stamps in the Mail Center. Cash only at the Student Center Post office window. Credit Cards/Debit Cards, Checks, and Cash are accepted in the Mail Center location.

Addressing Out-Going Mail

How to address an envelope2

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take credit/debit cards, personal check?
  • In the Mail Center, Yes.
  • Student Center Post Office Window, No. Cash only at the window.
Do you accept cash?
Yes, cash is accepted at the Student Center Post Office window and in the Mail Center.
Can I charge postage to my student account?
No, you must pay with cash, check or credit/debit card.
May I send Packages from the Mail Center?
Yes, we offer all the package services (USPS, UPS, FedEx) you will need in order to mail your package. We will help you select the best way for sending your items and can also help with packaging. You can save a little money by having your package prepackaged and taped up. Or we do have supplies that you can purchase. Taping up a small box is .25 cents. Larger boxes which require a lot more tape will be .50 cents.
Will I have a different mailbox each year?
No, as long as you continually reside on campus, you will keep the same mailbox number. When you move off campus, the mailbox is canceled and the mail must be forwarded to your off-campus location.
I need to get a US Passport. Where may I obtain one?
Henderson Post Office
205 Crook Ave
Henderson, TN 38340
Can I send a personal gift to someone on campus?
Yes, feel free to bring gifts down to the Mail Center. We will create a barcode for it and an email notification will be sent to inform the person they need to come pick-up a package.
What is my Mailbox number and combination?
Once you are a registered student, you should receive an email with your box number and combination. If you missed it somehow, you may go to the Student Center Post Office Window or the Mail Center and request your box number and combination any time.


Mail Center 731-989-6661
Student Center Post Office 731-989-6784