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Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is an elected group of students at Freed-Hardeman University whose desire is to make a difference on campus. Specific committees in SGA work to promote a better experience on the FHU campus for the student body. SGA committees include Student Life, Spiritual Life, Food Services, and Legislative. With the combined leadership of the Executive Branch and the hard work of the committees, the SGA aims to be a strong voice for the student body. The Student Government Association is an association by the students and for the students.
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SGA Executive Offices

The SGA’s elected positions include the Executive Offices of the President, Vice-President, Historian, Secretary, and Treasurer. Class Representatives are selected by the President and Vice-President via an application process. The SGA facilitates a means of direct communication for the students of Freed-Hardeman to voice their opinions and concerns regarding campus and school life. Such concerns are heard by the SGA, and solutions are sought to best benefit the student body.

Our goal is to uphold the mission of FHU

The mission of Freed-Hardeman University is to help students develop their God-given talents for His glory by empowering them with an education that integrates Christian faith, scholarship, and service.

In addition to Freed-Hardeman’s larger mission, SGA’s mission is to share the voices of the students with the university as a whole. The Student Government Association of Freed-Hardeman University supports the concerns, views, ideas, and suggestions of the students. Members of this body dedicate their time and energy to enhance each student’s experience at Freed-Hardeman.

We are greatly honored and humbled to serve as your SGA officers this school year. It is comforting to know that we as students want to make our university a constantly improving place for current and future students. In order to better the FHU experience, we promise to strive for clearer communication between the student body and administration. Additionally, it is our promise to you, the students, that we will work together with all the members of our SGA body to represent your voice and views to the administration of our wonderful university. Your contribution and involvement as a student are both indispensable and invaluable to SGA. We want to thank you in advance for working with us to make help make Freed-Hardeman University the best that it can be. #FHUnited

–Student Body President

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SGA serves as the voice of the student body. By joining SGA, you can advocate for your peers, address concerns and work towards improving campus life and the overall college experience for you and all students on campus.

Student Government Representatives

As a student of Freed-Hardeman University, you have the right to make your voice heard. The best way to do this is through your Student Government Representative! Below you will find the names and contact information for your representatives. Additionally, contact information for the Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Student Life, Spiritual Life, Legislative, and Food Services Committees. Reach out to your Representative and help us make a difference!

Contact Us

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If you have any ideas about how we can improve FHU in any way, please contact us by email or social media!


Student Needs and Prayer Requests

Please send prayer requests to wscott@fhu.edu or svarner@fhu.edu. These will be grouped together and emailed to the student body as necessary.