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Henderson, Tennessee — (Dec. 19, 2023) — Freed-Hardeman University junior Tucker Brown is proving that pursuing multiple passions is not only possible but can also lead to remarkable achievements.

Brown, both a computer science major and an aspiring actor, recently made his full-length film debut in “Camp Hideout,” a faith-based comedy about a troubled teen caught between juvenile detention and a youth camp. In the film, he steals an important item from two big-city tough guys and hides in a church summer camp. He enlists the help of his newfound friends when he’s tracked down. Brown plays Paulie, one of the campers who aids the main character.

Prior to filming “Camp Hideout,” Brown’s first acting job was in a short film called “Wildness,” and another acting opportunity came along in a short film called “Pieces.” And to think, all of this started when Brown was bitten by the acting bug at 12 years old, while he was more into running the bases than memorizing lines.

“I told my parents that I wanted to quit baseball and that I wanted to sing and act for the rest of my life,” Brown said. He made the decision after attending vocal lessons with a friend in 2014 and acquired a mentor who ignited his passion for acting. “I took study trips to both New York and Los Angeles and signed with agents. Then I auditioned and auditioned,” he explained. In 2017, he spent a year in LA auditioning for jobs. “I love acting; it is my true calling. I love portraying characters because I get to walk a mile in their shoes. And so far, I’ve made friends on sets and some great memories.”

Tucker Brown

“Camp Hideout” was filmed in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, for six weeks in the fall of 2021 and is his first full-length feature film.

“I filmed my self-tape for the movie the day before I left to come to Freed-Hardeman, and I didn’t think anything else about it,” Brown said. “Then one day I was sitting in class, and my dad called me to tell me that I had booked the role.”

Brown, who is from Corinth, Mississippi, has viewed “Camp Hideout” three times since its debut. One of the screenings took place in his hometown, where he spoke to 30 Alcorn Central sixth-grade Quest students at the local Malco Theater. During his childhood he also performed in eight Corinth Theatre-Arts productions, according to his hometown newspaper, The Daily Corinthian. 

He plans to work in computer science while pursuing acting.

“I love development, designing and data analysis in the computer science field; I’ve always been good with computers,” Brown said. “I plan to continue studying and learn as much as I can.”

He dreams of new acting opportunities in the future to include working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I want to be involved in a good story with great actors that tell something amazing,” Brown said. Some of the actors he dreams of working with are Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey and Andrew Garfield.

In early 2024, Brown will return to auditioning while also preparing to be a soloist in the social club Xi Chi Delta’s Makin’ Music production.

“I want to be someone who kids can look up to,” Brown said. “I want to be a good actor and a good influence in all aspects of acting and in life.”

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