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Henderson, Tennessee — (May 14,  2024) — Freed Hardeman University honor students spent one weekend in April visiting New Orleans, Louisiana, to experience the rich historical culture of the area. The trip was offered as an educational experience to Honors Council members as well as senior students in the Honors College. 

The following students took part in the four-day tour: Clark Endsley, Emma Robison, Jessie Segars, Josie Gannon, Lily Simpson, MacKenzie Scarborough, Matthan Smith, Matthew Kuhl, Sarah Henley, Thomas Hastings and Tyler Stafko. Dean of the Honors College Dr. Jenny Johnson led the trip. 

On Friday, the group took a shuttle tour of the sights of the city and participated in a swamp tour, where some were even able to hold young alligators. A few students chose to attend the NBA Playoff game for the New Orleans Pelicans. Saturday, the group visited a World War II museum before being offered free time to explore other sites of interest to them. Students went to the French market, local parks and the Jackson Square landmark, among other places. One highlight of the trip involved students being able to experience authentic New Orleans style jazz at the historic Preservation Hall. 

Scarborough, a senior majoring in public relations, shared her appreciation for the rich culture. “One of the best parts of New Orleans is how unique their food and music are. We ate so many authentic New Orleans dishes. We went to Snug Harbor and got to experience real jazz music,” she said. “One of the most unique things about New Orleans is how the city is separated into different parts. You can walk down one street and find beautiful art galleries, while another street may have historic museums, and another may have jazz music. Since they’re all within walking distance of each other, it makes it super easy to fill your time with activities!”

In addition to experiencing the culture, students also enjoyed learning more about the historic significance of the city. “I learned a lot from Dr. Johnson’s tour of the French Quarter,” said Hastings, a senior finance major. “I was able to gain a lot of context for the Louisiana Purchase, and I learned about how Andrew Jackson allied with pirates to create a more powerful navy. The contribution New Orleans has made to music and pop culture through the years is undeniable to me now.”