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Badges and Descriptions

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Recognition for a person’s achievements, goals that are attained, and for a completed job are important in today’s workplace. It helps promote excellence, and gives individuals a sense of value in the job they are doing. These same principals for badges apply to FHU Passage.

As FHU students complete, and encourage other students to complete, the modules and assignments in FHU Passage, they will earn badges signifying their accomplishment. The badge is a visual symbol of accomplishment and recognition for the students hard work. Badges will be displayed on FHU Passage material which students can provide to potential employers.

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Trailhead Badge


The trailhead badge marks the beginning of the journey. The first step in learning more about oneself and preparing the way toward professional purpose.

To earn this badge, students will complete evaluations of their self-efficacy (confidences) and anxieties about career exploration. These evaluations will also be completed at the end of Passage to determine the change in each cohort.

Strength Badge


The strength badge is representative of students discovering their natural talents and competencies. Further, students will have conversations with their Trailguide (faculty/staff mentor) about how to leverage those strengths into success in the career field of their choice.

To earn this badge, students will complete the CliftonStrengths survey to identify their top five strengths.

Trailhead Badge


The bridge badge symbolizes the transition from discovering information about oneself to the practical application of that knowledge. Now that students have learned about their confidences, anxieties, and strengths, how does that information direct their pursuit of their dream job?

To earn this badge, students will work with their Trailguide to identify career paths of interest, to research the requirements for those careers, and to identify gaps where a student can develop further in experiences, skills, or knowledge.

Plant Badge


The plant badge symbolizes taking the first steps in growing a professional network. Students will have the opportunity to connect with professionals and learn about their career path. Students are welcome to use their own contacts, or reach out to over 250 FHU alumni who have volunteered to be available to the next generation of FHU students!

To earn this badge, students will identify a professional in each of their three aspirational careers to interview about preparation for that field during their undergraduate experiences.

Grow Badge


The grow badge represents the further development of a professional network. As students narrow down their areas of interest, they’ll have the opportunity to conduct professional interactions that lead to real-world experience. Passage students will be establishing contacts and participating in activities that will differentiate them as they apply for future opportunities.

To earn this badge, students will identify one professional in their primary career field, They will conduct three professional experiences with this individual.

Signal Badge


The signal badge represents the need for communication skills. Learning to interact with individuals in a professional setting is vital to future success. Students will have the opportunity to develop these skills in a familiar setting and with a team of individuals who are working toward their professional growth.

To earn this badge, students will submit all initial communication materials (i.e. email draft, letter, or script for phone, etc.) to their Trailguide for feedback regarding effective communication.

Summit Badge


The summit badge represents the goals that students set out to achieve throughout Passage. Everyone has a mountain to climb- a skill, a talent, a knowledge-base that they can develop further. Our Trailguides will help each student identify their goals and develop a plan to reach the summit.

To earn this badge, students will work with their Internal Career Influencer to set SMART goals for the pursuit of a chosen career field.

Compass Badge


The compass badge represents finding the path to achieve a goal. Our Trailguides will work with students to identify ways to grow, to learn, and to develop further during their time in Passage. It’s one thing to be able to set a goal. It’s a greater skill to be able to make a plan of how to achieve that goal!

To earn this badge, students will map out activities to achieve their SMART goals over their first two years at FHU.

Reflect Badge


At the end of Passage, students will have the opportunity to spend time reflecting on their growth. The FHU mission is to help students “develop their God-given talents for His glory”. As students prepare for their upper-division years at FHU, our hope is that they notice a change in how they think about their professional goals, about their ability to pursue those goals, and their impact on the world beyond FHU.

To earn this badge, students will complete a reflection paper in their final Passage semester focused on their own growth and development.