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welcome to FHU passage!

FHU Passage focuses on student career exploration for first year students. Passage will help students answer three questions in their time at FHU:

What Can I Do?
How Do I Grow?
Where Can I Go?

Students will work through various activities and assessments that provide real-world exposure to career fields of their interests. Students will evaluate their own strengths, anxieties, and confidences that positively inform decisions about their career goals. Students will learn how to set career goals and will outline activities that guide the pursuit and attainment of that goal.

During this program, students will work with a Trail Guide, a FHU faculty or staff member, who will lead them through each activity and discuss what they have learned along the way. Students will also connect with alumni and friends of the university who will share advice and experience in various career fields

If you have additional questions about Passage, please feel free to contact Mr. Jared Gott (Passage Director) or Mr. Jim Brown (Passage Coordinator).

We look forward to developing future FHU professionals and working together to guide students through FHU Passage.


new-students in prayer by buy outside


Embark on your journey as an accomplished artist with FHU's B.F.A. program. Through immersive courses in drawing, painting, photography, and more, you'll refine your skills, craft your artistic philosophy, and build a solid creative foundation. Our distinctive studio research approach encourages innovation, empowering you to excel in the dynamic world of visual arts.
The trailguide will be a students advisor during the two year FHU Passage program, and will guide them through the modules that are required to be completed.

External Influencers

new-students in prayer by buy outside
External Career Influencers have made themselves available to students for advice, interviews, and the development of mentoring relationships.


Psychology programs help students achieve their career goals or pursue an advanced degree or master's degree.
The badge is a visual symbol of accomplishment and recognition for the students hard work and will be displayed on FHU Passage material which students can provide to potential employers.