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Trail guides

Meet our trail guides

Students will make many important connections during their time in FHU Passage. While all of these connections are very important and will play a significant role in the success of FHU Passage, the connection with their Trailguide is arguably the most significant. The trailguide will be a students advisor during the two year FHU Passage program, and will guide them through the modules, assignments and assessments that are required to be completed.

Adam Cross
Regional Development Director

Dr. Alesha Northcutt
Director, M.A. in Teaching & M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction Programs; Associate Professor of Education

Allison Cross
Underclassmen Admissions Director

Amanda Cunningham
Head Volleyball Coach

Dr. Amy Downey
Chair, Department of Education; Assistant Professor of Education

Andy Doss
Regional Development Director

Ashley Deffenbaugh
Instructor in Accounting

Ashley Prentice
Director, Physical Therapy Assistant Program; Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Ashley Estes
Coordinator of Elementary Education K-5

Ben Clark
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Brian Butterfield
Chair; Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences; Professor of Biology

Brittney Wood
Dorm Supervisor – Bradfield Hall

Cameron Miller
Regional Admissions Director

Carole Cosby
Enrollment Assistant

Charlie Smith
Instructor in Business Analytics and Economics

Chris Gann
Dual Enrollment Coordinator; Student Success Coach

Chris Ramey
Director of Alumni Engagement

Dr. Cliff Thompson
Director of Theatre

Connie Pritchard
Secretary- FHU Athletics

Dave Clouse
Vice President for Community Engagement

David Shannon

Dr. Derrick Spradlin
Associate Professor of English

Donnie Debord
Assistant Professor of Bible

Dr. Doug Burleson
Assistant Dean, College of Biblical Studies; Director of Lectureship; Associate Professor of Bible

Dr. Elise Chaffin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Gayle McDonald
Assistant Professor of Health & Human Performance; Associate Director of Mid-South Youth Camp; Certified Athletic Trainer

Hailey Malone
Early Admit Advisor and Academic Success Coach

Holly Rowsey
Director for the Center of Instructional Innovation and Distance Learning

Jared Gott
Assistant Dean of Emerging & Innovative Programs; Director of Passage

Dr. Janine Dunlap
Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Jason Brashier
Vice-President for Financial Services & CFO

Jay Satterfield
Chief Investment Officer

Jesse Trask
Head Baseball Coach

Dr. Jim Barr
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Chemistry; Director of Institutional Research and Analytics

Jill Jackson
Licensure Officer and Graduate Education Office Manager

Joe Askew
Associate Vice-President of Enrollment Management

Joe Deweese
Professor of Biochemistry; Director of Undergraduate Research

Jonathan Estes
Director of Athletics

Josh Ketchum
Assistant Professor of Bible, Homiletics, and Leadership

Jud Davis
Associate Professor of Art

Karen Sewell
Assistant Professor of Education

Kaylan Stewart
Director of Admissions

Kim Cook
Academic Records Management Clerk

Kim Gott
Advancement Office Administrator

Dr. Lee Hibbett
Professor of Marketing

Lisa Raine
Instructor in Computer Science

Dr. Margaret Payne
Chair, Department of Communication & Literature; Interim Chair of Fine Arts; Professor of English

Dr. Mark Blackwelder
Professor of Bible & Missions

Matt Barker
Assistant Professor of Communication

Matt Sokoloski
Associate Professor of Bible

Meagan Spencer
Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Melissa Hopkins
Learning Resource Library Coordinator

Missie Ellis
Coordinator of Student Accessibility

Michael Prentice
Instructor in Finance

Morgan Hester
Regional Admissions Director

Dr. Nadine McNeal
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Nathalie Brumback
Academic Success Coordinator; Lecturer in Arts & Humanities

Dr. Paul Helton
Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Rick Brumback
E. Claude & Delorese Gardner Chair of Excellence in Bible; Associate Professor of Bible

Ryan Malecha
Associate Vice-President for Community Engagement

Sarah Hibbett
Director, Bobbie Solley Center of Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Sarah Pierce
Associate Professor of Nursing

Sara Wood
Graduate Student Success Coach

Shirley Eaton
Library Circulation Supervisor

Stephanie Duncan
Assistant Registrar

Summer Judd
Director of Student Financial Services

Tony Allen
Dean of Student Life

Trent Adams
Director of Graduate Admissions

Will McFall
Senior Regional Admissions Director